Interim meeting : the blog (Friday)

Monday 7 October 2013
by  Claudie
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We had a couple of hours to organize, summarize, and write the main outcomes and conclusions of the week. Soon available in the mid report !

The coordinator is happy, due to the knowledge and tools generated within the first 18 month of the project.

It is a success story at different levels :

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- We really worked together, and each team acquired capacities in diagnostic techniques.

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- The team and WP leaders did their job, so until now the coordinator remains in good condition.

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- Despite administrative and technical unexpected problems (quite normal in a project), we did not refused the obstacle, and adapted our strategy. We hope to be comforted in our choices by our funding bodies (a freezer please !).

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We just know that the work is not finished. The next months will be very hard for the people in charge of the collection, conditionning, extraction and analysis of the fatidic 1 534 samples to be processed for their virome analysis.

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As a conclusion of the meeting, we imagined the future.

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How could we continue our collaboration after 2015?
We shared many ideas and concepts. Now we need time for their incubation !









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