Final meeting : the blog (Tuesday)

Tuesday 14 April 2015
by  Claudie
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What is nicer than a map of reads with viral references (plate 5) ?

A map of reads with viral references (plate 3) !

In Guadeloupe we say "dont mix Cocos and Zabriocs". In SafePGR language, we could say "please, don’t mix Sugarcane and Yams".

In the famous plate 5, the analysis of metagenomic data pointed out that Vanilla, Banana and Yam reads mapped on Sugarcane viruses. This may be explained by contaminations.

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So, SafePGR is not a total success story, nobody’s perfect...

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We did not get discouraged, and went to visit the Banana collection with our guide Nilda.

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Diploids acuminata, Gros Michel, Poupoulou...

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...hybrids, ornamental, Bluggoe,

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All but Green, Faux Corne, Grande Naine... poetic nomenclature of the 400 accessions conserved in Neufchâteau by the Biological Resources Centre.

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Then, back to the meeting room, for a session dedicated to bioinformatics. Sébastien is the master of the Pipelines and associated softwares.

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We finished with a training with Excel files, generated by our metagenomic database. Thierry tried to show us how to detect easily new viruses in such files.

Tomorrow is another day, for sure !

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