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Tuesday 10 January 2012
by  Claudie
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Biotechnology Centre of Azores - University of Azores (CBA-UAc, Portugal).

CBA-UAc was established in 2003 and focuses on the field of plant, animal and food biotechnology, as well as in academic activity. Beside the permanent positions of professors funded by the UAc, CBA is also supported by Post-Doc, PhD students and young scientists in non-permanent positions working in projects funded by EU, National and Regional institutions. CBA has 28 members, 12 of them with PhD.

- The main focus of the CBA-UAc has been on the molecular characterization of different organisms (animal breeds, plant species and plant pathogens), molecular plant pathology, plant tissue culture and plant breeding by biotechnological approaches.

- Within the group, molecular markers have been developed for studying the genetic variability of species, such as grapevine, olive, apricot and Rubus sp. Molecular and serological tools are also used for the detection of pathogens in different crop species and plant-pathogen interaction studies.

- In vitro culture has been developed for the conservation of the local plant genetic resources and for virus elimination. Currently, the germplasm collection from CBA has local accessions of apples, sweet potato, banana, pineapple, taro and several endemic wild species.

- Facilities include molecular biology and in vitro culture laboratories, controlled-conditions growth chambers and greenhouses.

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