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INRA - Guadeloupe

Lead Partner – ASTRO Research Unit (TROpical AgroSystems) – INRA (Guadeloupe, French West Indies). This partner is based in the French West Indies, at INRA Guadeloupe, and has a permanent staff of 60 persons. It aims to develop low-input, sustainable cropping systems designed for easy adoption by (...)

CIRAD - Guadeloupe

AGAP Research Unit (Breeding and Adaptation of tropical and mediterranean plants) – Cirad (Guadeloupe, French West Indies). The AGAP Partner has a staff of 350, of which 65 are based in Guadeloupe. It focuses on the genetic improvement of tropical and mediterranean crops, with 3 main research (...)

BGPI - Montpellier / Guadeloupe

BGPI (Biology and Genetics of Plant-Parasites interactions Research Unit – Cirad-INRA-SUPAGRO (Montpellier, France) & Cirad (Guadeloupe, French West Indies). The BGPI partner is located in Montpellier, France, but includes a subsidiary in Guadeloupe. This research unit aims at increasing (...)

CIRAD - La Réunion

PVBMT Research Unit (Plant Communities and Biological Invaders in Tropical Environment) – Cirad (La Réunion, Mascareignes).
This partner is part of the Plant Protection Platform based in Réunion Island, in which 80 permanent staff work. PVBMT is active in three main 3 research fields: 4. Genomics (...)

INRA - Bordeaux

Fruit Biology and Pathology Research Unit – INRA- University of Bordeaux 1 & 2 (Bordeaux, France). Strong of about 120 staff, the unit is divided in five teams and hosts, a number of scientific technical platforms. The Plant virus team, involved in the present project, is composed of 30 (...)










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