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SafePGR is a project supported by the NetBiome consortium, whose goal is the biodiversy management in support of sustainable development in tropical and subtropical regions of the European overseas. It is funded by Governo do Açores, Regiao Autonoma da Madeira, Région Guadeloupe, Région La Réunion (...)

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Final meeting : the blog (Tuesday)

What is nicer than a map of reads with viral references (plate 5) ?
A map of reads with viral references (plate 3) !
In Guadeloupe we say "dont mix Cocos and Zabriocs". In SafePGR language, we could say "please, don’t mix Sugarcane and Yams".
In the famous plate 5, the analysis of metagenomic (...)

Final meeting : the blog (Monday)

Ready ? Go ! We are at INRA Duclos.
First day dedicated to intense reflexion on discovery of new viruses, development of diagnostic protocols, and implementation of yam sanitation.
After a quiet meal under the "carbet", visit of the yam collection.
Marie and Suzia made us discover the tissue (...)

Final meeting !

Time passes, three years since the project began !
After Madeira in 2012, Montpellier in 2013, we now meet in Guadeloupe for the final meeting.
We will work from 12 to 17 April 2015, at INRA and CIRAD in Petit-Bourg and Capesterre.
The 4 first days will be dedicated to the project follow-up (...)









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