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Tuesday 10 January 2012
by  Claudie
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Fruit Biology and Pathology Research Unit – INRA- University of Bordeaux 1 & 2 (Bordeaux, France).

- Strong of about 120 staff, the unit is divided in five teams and hosts, a number of scientific technical platforms. The Plant virus team, involved in the present project, is composed of 30 people. It develops both applied and knowledge-oriented research on plant viruses and their interactions with host plants. Its main research interests are:
1. Etiology, diagnostics and characterization of viral agents
2. Identification and functional analysis of host factors involved in plant/potyvirus interactions
3. Implementation of new strategies of resistance to potyviruses
4. Biotechnological applications of plant viruses

- The Plant virus team has a wide and recognized expertise in the development and use of techniques for the identification, characterization and detection of viral agents. It has already successfully collaborated with partner 2 on the characterization of known or novel banana viruses and on the development of efficient detection techniques for these agents.

- Facilities include molecular biology laboratories with agreement for conducting experiments under L2 containment level and greenhouses with official agreements for the manipulation of foreign or quarantine agents at the S2 and S3/S4 levels.

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