CIRAD - La Réunion

Tuesday 10 January 2012
by  Claudie
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PVBMT Research Unit (Plant Communities and Biological Invaders in Tropical Environment) – Cirad (La Réunion, Mascareignes).

This partner is part of the Plant Protection Platform based in Réunion Island, in which 80 permanent staff work. PVBMT is active in three main 3 research fields:
4. Genomics and epidemiology of plant emerging pathogens
5. Plant species complexes and genes of agronomical interest
6. Plant and insect pests/vectors ecology in tropical insular environment

- PVBMT has set up the BRC ‘VATEL’ whose mandate is to secure the conservation of vanilla, tropical garlic and underutilized species collections and to provide healthy plant material and detailed information to users such as research teams, extensions services or the private sector.

- PVBMT develops inter-disciplinary projects, integrating this BRC, and focusing on IPM and agro-ecology of cropping systems.

- This partner has expertise and skills in plant pathology, classical and molecular virology and management / characterization of vanilla and garlic germplasm collections. It manages a collection of 260 vanilla genotypes and 40 tropical garlic cultivars originating from the Indian Ocean area. It is currently developing methodologies for virus detection, plant sanitization, cryo-conservation, molecular genotyping and phenotyping for these crops.

- Facilities include molecular biology and tissue culture laboratories, containment greenhouses, shade and screen-houses, controlled-conditions growth chambers, cryotanks.

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